28 Tips To Energize Your Life

To activate you, to say goodbye to fatigue ...

Eat properly - diets are the first in the fight against fatigue.
Wake up early - too much sleep can reduce life expectancy.
High protein food.
Eat fruit when you need a snack.
Avoid too much caffeine.
Take vitamin B complex.
Get proper rest, relaxation and sleep. Relax before you tire.
Hoping whenever you get a chance for it - hope several times during the day.
Walking fast every day.
Enjoy music and songs whenever you have the opportunity during the day.
Enjoy walking instead of driving.
Play outdoor games.
Make something more beautiful - aesthetic culture.
Learn how to overcome tension and tension.
Energy tracking thought. Do not think about your shortcomings, your shortcomings, your shortcomings and your failures. But think about your achievements. Feel your beauty, inner worth and Buddha nature.
Enjoy. Have a look at the beauty and enjoyment, listen to music and enjoy it, use all your senses and enjoy it. Use your senses at their best, then you will truly live your life will be burning; it will not be dull, and you will be burning with energy and vitality. Be alive because only the wings of life will reach the truth. If you are boring get lost. Be radiant.
Love more and your body will gather more energy from the entire universe.
Be careful to eat you. Stay aware of what you eat and how it affects your body. If you try awareness, you will definitely discover what food is right for you, and the food that gives you peace, tranquility and health. There are no real difficulties in doing this, but because we are not interested in nutrition, we will never be able to find the right food. And eat happily.
Take a daily bath. It purifies and refreshes not only the body but also our deeper essence.
Enjoy reading.
Sprinkle a lot of time and energy in the fighting, and accept what is. Make friends with what it is.
Do not create absolute ideas; remain flexible. Be like water. It has no shape, it is infinitely adjustable. This is her beauty, does not know any hardness. Flexibility is life. This means responding to the moment without any prior thought.
Consult your doctor and take the medicine as needed. Take a nap for body and skin health, Bitter Melon (Karela) for regulation and good metabolism, Holi Basil (Tulasi) to relieve cough, cold and enhance immunity, Boswellia Serrata (Shallaki) to relieve joint pain and inflammation, Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) to relieve stress, stress and fatigue, Bacopa (Brahmi) ) For good memory and concentration.
Love your work and be creative. Change your business to fun. The boredom sucks. Work as you play. Work as a cult. Combine activity and relaxation.
Laugh your way to health. Laughter brings strength. Laughter is one of the most profound medicines.
Do not prevent tears. Let the tears flow. Learn to talk to God. Cry alone. Do not suppress your tears.
Let silence renew your youth. To learn silence - silence that is alive, positive and positive. Silence is joy. It is not just an absence of anxiety - it is the presence of ecstasy. True silence must be in the crowd. When the crowd can not disturb your unit, then you have. When nothing bothers you, when nothing distracts you, you concentrate. Silence is something inside. Quiet I am something abroad, therefore, the silence is not quiet. The calm depends on the circumstances outside. The silence is unconditional. Watch, watch, focus, meditate and enjoy silence.

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