5 Simple Tips to Become More Self-Confident

Lack of self confidence is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals and following up on your feelings and goal. Every time you put yourself in front of the world, it sounds like a danger. But unless you take the risk, you will not allow yourself to make your dreams a reality.

Self-confidence is a sense of confidence in your abilities, your qualities and your judgment. So, how do you build that confidence in yourself?

1. Stay in touch with what you feel when you are unsure. You may be concerned, nervous, fearful, anxious or simply feel resistant to taking action.

Once you are clear about what you feel when you lack trust, you will want to turn into a better feeling place. Using our reliable law of attraction can be useful here. Pre-Pavement is a process that allows you to practice a position before it occurs.

Pre-paving is just a feeling and thinking of everything going your way before the event.

So before you publish that novel, make a presentation, do a job interview or any position you want to feel confident about, pre-meditate on all the good things you want to happen. Train on "jump to the end" and communicate with what you expect to feel with everything that suits you. See in your mind the events, people and results you want. Imagine yourself standing tall, feeling confident. People see smiling and nodding. Imagine yourself very comfortable and clear. Imagine being satisfied with a happy outcome. The idea is to do a mental rehearsal that really feels good to you. Have fun and play with this!

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are a unique individual with your own contributions and your own schedule. Own this thought! Even if you think others have done more than you, do not sell yourself short. I've been in many situations where I thought I was on my head and others were better than me just to see my contributions were deeply appreciated. You have your own style and will resonate with the "tribe".

3. Pay attention to your thoughts. How much negative talk about self in your head? Turn your focus to what you love in yourself. What skills, talents or qualities do you have? Make a list of them and return to them frequently. Remember that your work is continuing, so forgive any mistakes, see what you learned from them and take pride in your brand.

4. Deliberately turn your thinking away from questions that drain confidence into questions that let you.  " Try "How do I like to feel? "

5. Think again when you feel confident. Even if you have to go back in your history, there is a time when you feel confident. Bring this feeling of trust in your body and practice it. If you can not really remember a time of feeling confident, imagine what you feel and trust and practice it.

You can train yourself to be more confident. Take small steps outside your comfort area. You'll soon get notes that you can do and be more than you think.

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