6 Tips For Staying Motivated When You Just Don't Feel Like It

If you get up "got up and gone" and finished, here are some suggestions to restore your mojo.

1. Stop procrastination

Chances are you may not be in the mood when you start, but you will gradually relax in the groove and continue with your list of tasks. No matter how bad the work, like posting a new blog, you have something you can modify and improve. Procrastination will not gain you anything.

2. Do not try to be "perfect"

Many business owners dominate themselves by thinking about everything they do to be perfect. No. It just has to be done. Do your best, of course, check your work and make sure you say what you really mean and will not offend anyone before pressing the submit button. But otherwise, do your best not to do anything at all.

3. Avoid fatigue

Many people struggle to start a day's work because they are so overwhelmed that they have no idea where they should start - so they do not do anything. If this is the case, it is time to make an honest assessment of what you spend your time each day. Consider outsourcing some of these freelance jobs at affordable prices. But until you find the right plugin / assistant, you just have to choose anything from your task list and do it.

4. Outsourcing tasks that drag you down

There will always be tasks you like to do and look forward to every day. There are good prospects in you, they are interesting, and you are proud of your work. Then there are dull and boring tasks and hate them. There are millions of freelancers online who can take these tasks out of your dish so you can spend your time doing the things you love.

5. Manage your time better

One of the reasons you feel motivated is that you spend hours in your work, but you do not seem to get the results you were hoping for. There may be several reasons for this. One is that your watches are not really as fruitful as you think. Create a spreadsheet to track normal business days. Every 15 minutes, write what you've accomplished. Then see how many sessions your business can spend on things that really grow your business.

6. Reward yourself

Give yourself some fun at the end of each task you complete. It can be a break or a hot cup of coffee or five minutes of watching funny videos online - never run out.

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