Best Writing Tips For Great Content of a Fictional Story

Whether you're writing a novel, short story, fiction, or literary work, the writing tips you've included here are universal and will benefit all the writers.


To engage readers, create a realistic dialogue by presenting your characters as real people. Make them talk to each other as they do every day. Describe their gestures as they speak. Be very specific and detailed. Also, describe their emotions through the voice of their tone and voice. Do they speak loudly or whisper? Are they sad, author or enthusiastic?


Formulation can be the most important factor that will greatly improve your writing, if you can continue to find new ways to express, describe, and tell your story better. By formulating your writings you can evolve from nothing to an unexpected bright masterpiece. The more you formulate, the better your story will be. Do not underestimate the power of drafting!

Edit / Edit

When you review and edit your story on a Microsoft word, keep in mind that although you can find ways to improve the overall story, the review in this way is not the same as the wording. You will improve your writing much more when you go through the drafting process.


Try to simulate the writer you like by reading his books constantly. Before you start writing again, read one or two of your favorite author's articles; do this throughout the day. If you stick to this new habit, you'll see a noticeable improvement in your writing.

Here are examples of literary fiction from a new e-book:

At about 18:00, Tito went to the kitchen and threw the ceiling lamp with an active slap from his right hand at the light switch on the wall just outside the kitchen. He immediately began to listen with attention to the nagging noise of a helicopter getting nearer and closer to hearing, which was different, as deep as a military helicopter, and the longer it seemed, the louder and more familiar sounds of the air control, the louder sound stabbed his ears.

Sonia brought a purple coffee cup, placed it near the basin, and turned around. Her eyes, which glistened with an unfavorable light, were met with indifference.

"So, when do you plan to get a job yourself?" She started coldly, her face rough and stone.

The constant state of her brother's unemployment, which was the only reason he was insulted and attacked, describing him as lazy, bum, a piece of disgust, disgusted her, deeply angered her, and the longer she was out of work, the more frustrated it was. In fact, her attacks on unemployment have become one of her own entertainment, and she has never, or even faintly, suspected that Roger Stark, who persecuted her relentlessly through the mandatory mission of round-the-clock surveillance, was the same oppressed man. Her brother financially to the extreme that he had no chance to get a job anywhere with Roger Stark's relentless attacks.

"here we go again!" Tito thought desperately.

"Do you expect your mother to support you all your life?" I followed it warmly and quickly with an angry and unpleasant expression. "What will you do when you disappear?"

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