Puppy Training Tips: Walking on the Lead and Reducing Jumping

While jumping on people may be nice, everyone does not enjoy the dog that jumps around them. In fact, with a large and strong dog can be dangerous and harmful. In a similar way, when you are out on a walk, it is normal for the puppy to be dragged, but the behaviors are to train them out as if you were doing it. This will become harder and harder to control. A puppy grows in an adult dog.

So - it's important to train the new grouk properly from the start on how to walk well in front as well as not jump on people. Grück taught how to behave in the right way.

There is an easy way to prevent jumping inhibition, every time they jump (jump over you or anyone else), they re-put their feet to the ground, so they return to the standing position, and give them a lot of positive praise. The general idea is to teach the puppy that if he does not jump, things will be nice and upset instead.

The best time to do this, of course, is when the puppy is still small and easy to handle. When puppy jumps on you or someone else, place the puppy foot gently on the floor. When the dog stays there, make sure to praise it widely.

Another method is simply to ignore their interest in seeking (I know, it is difficult) to realize that it will not bring them what they are yet. Then when the puppy calms down - you give them positive praise and little fuss. In a similar way to the analogy of feet on the ground, you teach the puppy that there is nothing good until they stop jumping. When they do, they get a nice bang as a reward.

Teach the puppy to walk well in front and not to pull out is another essential early skill to teach them.

You will need (obviously) a good collar and driving. Different breeds of dogs may have special needs here (eg greyhound dogs need a certain pattern of collar to support their necks). I suggest taking some tips from your local pet shop to get the best collar and lead for your puppy.

Also, for example, if you choose a body-harnessing relationship, put it in the puppy and let it walk around the house familiar with wearing it before leaving the house.

Then it's time to start puppy training in how to walk well to your side. Start small. I suggest tossing in the garden or the backyard to get started. Give the puppy a little slack on the lead, but not too much. When they start pulling and want to look around, change the direction quickly and give a nice grapple in the foreground to pull them back next to you, then prepare them a little bit of stagnation.

Repeat each time a puppy starts to pull or want to go exploring. The idea here is that you control and are not subject to the pursuit of the fancy of Gorok to go to any place she likes. If you allow the puppy to do so, you encourage him to happen and it will get worse.

By correcting a simple puppy you learn how to walk quietly to your side. Much better behavior and easier handling of dogs when they are out for "walkies".

Consistency is the key to puppy training to instill "correct" behavior. A well-trained, well-behaved puppy will develop into a well-trained, well-behaved, well-behaved adult dog, thanks to you as an owner and your training skills.

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