Stress-Free Bathtimes With Your New Baby

Welcome to all new mothers, this area you may be concerned about if you are still adapting to your life with your beautiful, vulnerable small package, and I would like to give you some tips for easy and safe bathing times.

Just a reminder that I am the mother of three children, one of my parents and former teachers, my grandmother of five children heard many mothers first talk about their anxiety in the early days with their children, here are some suggestions ...

Now I agree that wet children who wander and often yell at the new experience are slippery and worrying. However, if you hold them wrapped in a towel on your knee and head above the water in front of you sitting on a chair in front of the baby's bath, and their neck supported by your hand and thumb, you have a spare hand to wash their hair.

While they are very small, if they put their arms and bodies in a towel like a cocoon to prevent the waving of their arms, it will make them feel warm and secure and increase their confidence.

Dry their hair, and talking to them gently will make you feel calm and enjoy your time together. Then hold their left thigh with your left hand, head in your elbow, leaving your arms free, so they can swing and spray but you control completely, they can not go anywhere.

While holding your thighs, you have your right hand to wash them and it is easy to get them out of the water afterwards, or to your knee or a flat surface that is safe and pre-fitted. If you are left-handed reverse procedure.

Before you begin to get everything you may need, towels diapers, talc creams, fresh clothes and so on. There is nothing worse than discovering that you can not access a towel or any other item when you need it, especially when bathing something new for you.

You may choose to have a baby bath sitting inside your main bathroom, or you may decide that the kitchen sink is easier, when the baby is small. You can stand with the tub on a suitable height. This depends on whether you have taps that will block your way, and you will not want to burn your child or hit him.

I hope the suggestions above give you more confidence to enjoy your baby's bath time.

Getting Life Easier As you learn how to adapt to your new way of life, try to relax and trust your instincts. Get help from family and friends if you feel tired and you and your partner will soon settle in your new roles.

My new book is called "stress-free parenting", especially aimed at primary mothers. It takes you from birth to the first 5 years and covers all areas of problems such as potty training, tantrums, easy sleep routines, jealousy of siblings, getting ready for school classes and much more.

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