Three Ways to Get a Prospect to Respond

I received this question from my blog reader last week:

"Mike, I have a question for you.

"Since people can be accessed even more with iPhones, text, laptops, computers, email, messages, FB, and Instagram, to name a few, why are business owners / decision makers hard to reach? It seems like they are hiding.

The day before, you left $ 1 on your card and called back.

"I look forward to your response."


This is a good question and many salespeople ask the same thing: with so many ways to communicate, why are they hard to reach?

The answer is simple: prospects now have more ways to identify salespeople who do not want to talk to them, and now they have more ways to avoid them.

Think about your own life: you get a text. What do you do? The answer is, it depends. If they are of interest to you and if they are urgent, you respond. If not, you are waiting. Sometimes for days or weeks ...

It is the same for your prospects. If they get a call from a salesperson, think about how long they wait before answering.

So, there are three things I do to reach potential clients who usually hide and evade:

# 1: Because the possibilities are fixed all the time, and because most of them will not be a buyer (at this time) for my services, the way I get in touch with me is by offering them a way out.

That's true. While it seems obvious, I'd rather know if I'm wasting my time or if it's a real possibility.

So I always ensure in my correspondence (voicemail, email and text) the following "checkout":

"So I know how to proceed appropriately, please let us know if this does not interest you right now, or when it will be time to reach you this week."

This is.

And imagine what? By including this in my messages, I do not just get more replies, but I remove "begging" on the pitch / follow-up. No one likes hearing from a salesperson who has the same commission as a manager once told me. This method not only allows the prospects to exclude themselves, but also allows interested buyers to respond to me in time to reach them.

# 2: Make more calls without leaving a message. Talking about the prospects of hiding behind emails, etc., salespeople are hiding behind them as well. They send an e-mail after the e-mail or leave two voicemail messages and then give up.

I follow the opposite approach: I call. Relentlessly. For weeks. I do not leave a message.

Of course, I also send e-mails, and I leave voicemail messages once every time, but between the two, I'll call five to seven times a week at different times, and different days - and hang up if you do not reach someone.

This kind of persistence (and still bears fruit) has produced great time. 

# 3: Send a card or 12. I use a greeting card campaign to send a personal card every month for a year. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. Send a card, every month, and you will reach the buyers you are looking for.

Do not forget: The nice thing about this system is to create cards and then forget about them! All you need to do is add a name, address and press the button. Then your cards come out like the clock.

Remember: You want to be in front of your prospects when priorities change and when you need your product or service. Sending a card and standing in front of them every month will guarantee your thinking first ...

So there you have it. Three Surefire Ways to get your chances to answer you. Follow them and watch your contacts - and your sales go through the roof!

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