Tips to Buy Sports Shoes

If you're preparing for your next run, you may want to follow the tips in this article to buy your favorite pair of sneakers. Whether you're preparing to shape or be part of a big race, make sure you know the things you need to look for in running shoes. Once you find the right pair, you will be able to perform much better.

Sagittarius type

First of all, you need to know your bow type. Here are 3 steps to help you find the bow type:

Wet down all of your feet
Place your feet on a piece of paper
Study your footprint
By following these three steps, you can find the bow type. They can be flat, medium or high, for example. Let's discuss them.

If you have fleet feet, you will have invisible or low arches. This type of braces leaves full fingerprints. This type of bow usually provides more flexibility and may increase pressure.


If you have normal feet, you will have a mild brace type. This type of arch will introduce the foot and heel introduction through a wide range. Most regular foot racers have a semi-flexible arc.


If there is a very tight strap that connects only the heel and foot, you have a high arc. Normally, the high-arched feet may not absorb the effect effectively. Therefore, you may want to choose sports shoes that offer additional cushioning.

Types of gait

Your walk is the way you leave your feet or touch the ground while walking or running. If you find your type of gait, you can figure out the part of the foot that hits the ground. Let's discuss three types of walks.


During jogging, the heel of the outer foot collides with the ground. At the same time, roll your feet inward to absorb shock.


In this type of gait, the heel of the outer foot collides with the ground and suffers from excessive rotation. As a result, it impedes the ability of your foot and your ankle to maintain your body's stability and absorb the effect.


The outer side of your heels hits the ground first; however, the inside will not roll. As a result, your heel keeps the outer rotation. Therefore, the effect affects a small area from the outside of your foot.


Once you know your bow and bow type, the next step is to figure out what kind of shoes you might want to choose. Based on current patterns, each species has its own characteristics.

Neutral shoes

You can choose neutral sports shoes if you have arches and your feet are moving out excessively. This type of shoe provides cushioning in the middle of the shock absorber.

Movement control shoes

If you have a flat or low bracket, the motion control shoes can work fine for you. These shoes also feature a flat external fan and built-in support. This combo can stabilize your feet by controlling the excessive cap.

Shoes stability

If you have an average brace, the Stability Shoes are ideal for you because they have enough cushion and cushion.

So, these are some tips that can help you buy the right pair of sports shoes.

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